Take Action

Write to City Council:

City council is considering giving a tax break to this facility. Print the letter below and send it to our city council & tell them to say NO to giving tax breaks to polluting agents. For more information about Industrial Tax District Agreement 87 read it here.

Dear City Council Members,

I am a proud resident of beautiful Corpus Christi. I value our community and am writing to ask you to do the same. Say NO to tax breaks for the Las Brisas Energy Center that will double the pollution of Nueces County!

I want Corpus Christi to have an environmentally clean economy. Give tax breaks for energy efficiency, renewable energy and green jobs, not for a new polluting power plant.


_____________________________________ (Signature)
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Download a pdf version of this letter for printing. Fill out the information sign it, fold it, put a stamp on it and return it to us and we’ll deliver every one of them to the Corpus Christi City Council.


Other Ways to Get Involved:

Download our flier and get informed. Hand them out at events and pass them out to your neighbors.

Learn more about the film here. Watch a trailer or the entire movie at the official movie website www.fightinggoliathfilm.com

Learn more about the permit application and process …
To see the status of the Las Brisas permit enter and search permit # 85013 on TCEQ’s website.

Contact the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) about Air Quality Permit #85013 at,
TCEQ, Office of the Chief Clerk MC-105
P.O. Box 13087
Austin, Texas 78711-3087
– or –
Comment online at www5.tceq.state.tx.us/ecmnts/index.cfm

Write letters to TCEQ about Air Quality Permit #85013.
Comment letter in pdf format

Contact state elected officials asking them to request a public meeting
about TCEQ Air Quality Permit #85013 to be held immediately in Corpus