The Facts

San Antonio Going Solar

Lanny Sinkin, Executive Director of Solar San Antonio, shared the success of this citywide initiative that is putting solar panels on roofs all over San Antonio.  Aside from tax credits that can offset 30% of the cost to homeowners for a solar system, the economics indicate installing solar is a good financial decision for homeowners in South Texas.  Sinkin’s group is backed by City Public Service, San Antonio’s publicly owned electric utility and local leaders actively support the program.  While we in Corpus Christi do not currently have those advantages, the simple fact that solar can pay for itself and then keep on giving should make this a can do for Corpus Christi.  View Lankin’s presentation and read more on their website.

Some Facts on the Las Brisas Energy Center

If permitted the Las Brisas power plant will rank #1 in Nueces County in particulate matter, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide and global warming gasses. Corpus Christi is already very close to violating federal smog limits. If permitted this plant would add so much pollution that citizens could have to do costly smog checks on their car and businesses may have to add expensive pollution controls. In addition, it would add 220 lbs a year of toxic mercury to our already polluted bay making more kinds of fish unsafe to eat.

  • Dr. Wes Stafford, Local allergist and asthma specialist: “Las Brisas:  Economic Development or Environmental Disaster?”