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The Clean Economy Coalition supports a robust quality of life in the Coastal
Bend by promoting economic development that not only creates jobs but also
protects public health and preserves natural assets.

Las Brisas:  Economic Development or Environmental Disaster? See Dr. Wesley Stafford’s PowerPoint presentation that explains why he and the Nueces County Medical Society have come out against Las Brisas Energy Center.  Dr. Stafford is a physician specializing in Allergies, Asthma and Pediatrics, practicing in Corpus Christi.
(Download it by clicking here (35.6 MB). If you do not have PowerPoint 2007, you can get a free viewer from Microsoft here. Once the presentation opens, click on “Slide Show” and “From Beginning” and the PowerPoint will run automatically with narration by Dr. Stafford.)


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See the story by Mike Baird on Gleaned fruit feeding area hungry.


The Clean Economy Coalition is a group of concerned citizens in and around the Corpus Christi region concerned with the pollution from existing and proposed energy and industrial facilities. The Las Brisas Energy Center as been proposed for our city and will burn toxic petroleum coke (very similar to coal) in a giant plant on the shores of Nueces Bay.

We demand gasification technology be used, or emissions from this plant will greatly increase air pollution in our already over-burdened ecosystem in Corpus Christi. The proposed plant will threaten public health.

It could also push us out of attainment for federal standards on numerous criteria. This could result in the loss federal transportation funding in the area.

The facility itself would place a further economic burden on our community, especially when CO2 legislation is implemented by the federal government. This facility is unneeded, especially when energy efficiency measures would provide us with a cheaper, cleaner and cooler alternative for our energy needs.

We are also a potential energy center in regards to renewable energy generation. Our wind, wave and solar potential are considerable and a great deal of wind turbine shipping already comes through our ports. If this facility goes in and drives us out of attainment we would also lose the potential for other industries (especially renewable energy industries) to move into our area. Industries which would provide jobs and make Corpus Christi a leader in renewable energy.

Join us in advocating for a cleaner and more economically sound energy policy for our city.

Clean Economy Coalition
PO Box 537
Corpus Christi TX 78403


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